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Week of Nov. 2nd Webinar Recap – Digital Resources and Lease Negotiations

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

November is here, and with the new month brings another week of webinars to help the small business community in Sacramento thrive. Sac IEDC is proud to be partnering with so many wonderful organizations that are coming together to build a stronger community through their webinar and 1:1 consulting resources available to our small business owners.

First on November 5, Hacker Lab presented How to Pivot Online: Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy. This webinar was taught by Dan Casas Murray of The Lean Innovator and focused on breaking down the complex world of digital marketing. Dan taught the group about the essential building blocks of successful online business, establishing marketing key metrics, and shared success stories from businesses that have converted online.

Later that day, the Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce hosted (Re)Defining Recovery Through Digitally Pivoting Your Business: The Value in Working Remotely. Taught by Michael Nelson of TLC Tech, this webinar focused on the efficiency and productivity of working remotely using software like Microsoft Office 365, with tips and resources to digitally transform business needs towards recovery and resiliency. Michael discussed how businesses can lean into the benefits of technology to recover by making operations remote, in turn enhancing efficiency. He also gave practical productivity tips that can be implemented in your business right away!

On Friday, November 6, the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presented La renegociación del contrato de un alquiler comercial / Renegotiating a Commercial Lease. This presentation was taught by Gabriel Herrera and Attorney at Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard. This webinar was offered in Spanish. This webinar focused on lease negotiation tools and strategies to prepare your small business for lease negotiations, assisting business owners who are having difficulty paying rent on their commercial lease. It covered common lease modification approaches, negotiations, and reaching common ground.

A benefit of the Sac IEDC program is that all participants have access to our lineup of live webinars, as well as our library of recorded webinars and 1:1 consulting opportunities, all for free. The only requirement is that you must be a Sacramento-based business owner to access these resources. To get started, visit and click on the partner organization that best suits your needs. From there, complete the short application, and you’re on your way to accessing resources that will help you end 2020 on a strong note!

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