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Planificación, Permisos y Recursos - a Group Effort

On November 20th, the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presented a webinar in partnership with the Sac IEDC; Planificación, permisos y recursos / Planning, Permitting & Resources. This webinar was presented in Spanish and focused on available programs that can help small business owners through often confusing processes of licensing and permitting.

The webinar was introduced by Cathy Rodriguez, President & CEO of the SHCC. California State Treasurer Fiona Ma then started the webinar by giving an overview of available programs. We then heard from Janae Davis at CalCAP, David Gibbs from GAEATFA CHEEF Go Green Financing and Carolina Hernandez from CalSavers.

Our many thanks to our partners, presenters, panelists, and interpreters that came together for this webinar. There was so much happening behind the scenes that helped the webinar broadcast smoothly. In addition to our eight speakers, we also had a number of staffers on-hand from the City and State, available to answer a variety of questions should they come up. We also had a team of 3 interpreters on the call, translating from English to Spanish. Lastly we had two staff members from the SHCC as well as one staffer from Sac IEDC to run the webinar, monitor the chat, and record the Spanish translation. In total, a team of 19 were available to make sure things ran as planned.

We want to give a special shout out to the entire team at the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Cathy Rodriguez has been doing so much for that organization, with limited resources. The work they’ve done in 2020 is an example of how programming can expand exponentially when you have more funding to work with. This year she was able to bring on two new team members, Juan Novello and Natalia Chavez, who have stepped up and helped build out programs like #JuntosSacramento and Emprende, as well as the webinars and 1:1 Consulting offered through their partnership with Sac IEDC.

A big thank you to the City of Sacramento for investing in this programming. This partnership has been a true example of what is possible when multiple organizations come together for the common goal of helping their local community. We look forward to taking lessons learned in future programming.

This webinar, as well as our full on-demand lineup, can be accessed as a Sac IEDC program participant for FREE. Learn more and join at

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