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ClearScan Devices Help Local Businesses in the Fight Against COVID-19

Sac IEDC, alongside our 15 partner organizations, are proud to be working with the City of Sacramento to bring ClearScan devices to small businesses, churches, and organizations. The City incorporated the ClearScan devices in the plan to help fight against COVID-19 and will partner with the Sac IEDC to distribute them. There will be 500 units to be disbursed, focusing on the disadvantaged corridors, whose residents and business owners have been disproportionally impacted during the pandemic.

ClearScan devices may look like tablets, but they use advanced technology to do two things; detect the temperature of the person standing in front of the device, as well as detect the presence of a facial covering. In doing so, you’re able to ensure that everyone walking into your small business or organization does not have a fever, reducing the spread of COVID-19.

As part of the agreement with the City of Sacramento, we are working with our 15 partner organizations to ensure that these devices will be distributed to impacted small business owners and/or organizations. We want to ensure that the funds for this project are beneficial to those that might not have been able to otherwise take on the cost of the device during this difficult year.

The story of the decision of the City of Sacramento to purchase and distribute the ClearScan devices is also featured on ClearScan’s homepage – visit to learn more about this amazing technology!

Distribution begins the last week of December. To learn more about the Sac IEDC program and how it can benefit your small business or organization, please visit our homepage to learn more.

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